This beverage mixing tank is used to mixing material like juice, milk, drink, chemicals, cosmetics and so on. It is with electric mixer and the motor could be regulated. It adopts the high quality of SUS304 material and meet with the food grade. It is easy to operate and washing. Also it could be set with automatic CIP spraying head for more easy washing.

Main Features

1. Container with high temperature insulation materials, anti-aging polyurethane foam or EPE.

2. The interface uses the international standard ISO quick chuck, liner made of imported stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304 manufacturing, the inner surface of the mirror-polished to Ra≤0.4m, the outer surface of the cast matte, glossy, matt sandblasted or cold colors.

3. Agitator seal imported sanitary mechanical seals or magnetic stirring sealed stirring device, stirring speed optional.

4. The nozzle has a level gauge port (static pressure, capacitive, non-contact, ultrasonic, glass tube), mouth breathing air, thermometer (digital display or dial type), CIP cleaning mouth, depending on the mirror, depending on the light-proof (as endoscopic light integration), SIP sterilization mouth, and out of the liquid inlet and health manhole.

Milk Mixing Tank

Milk Mixing Tank