Whether you’re in need of a single-wall serving tank or a jacketed brite tank for storage, ACE has the manufacturing expertise to build custom brite tanks of all sizes and configurations.

Key features:

Both single-wall and jacketed/insulated tank designs

Tank fully customizable to meet brewing requirements

Designed and built to international pressure and sanitation standards

Round design with dished head and bottom

Insulated with Polyurethane foam

Double-acting air vent vale (below 100HL)

Over pressure and anti-vacuum vale (100HL and above)

CIP arm with spray ball

Thermometer boss

Sample valve

Carbonation stone port

Shadowless Manway

Standpipe design or 2" outlet

Jacketed Bright Beer Tanks are available from 1 barrel to 100 or more barrels. The Bright(Brite) tank have the dish cover at top & bottom with the Cylinder Boday. All tanks are food grade stainless steel 304 with a 3 mm thickness for 3BBL-70BBL, while larger tanks have a 4 mm thickness. The cooling system is a dimple jacket with insulated polyurathane fill. All tanks are designed for up to 14.7 PSI and tested at 30 PSI. The inside of the tanks are polished to Ra>.22um and the outside is a brushed / Satin finish. All tanks come standard with 25% head space on top of working volume.


Our Bright beer tanks are beautifully designed for the discriminating brewer and loaded with many standard features. These features provide commercial brewery functionality & consumer good price for all brewers alike. Special orders may be placed along with custom features to your specifications.

beer storage tank

beer storage tank