They comply with"GMP "norms of the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines are stored in a sealed and safe way and will not become damp. They are easy to use and have good appearance.


1. The whole drum is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel.

2. It is in a square conical shape with a good appearance, and its external wall adopts a combination of treatment against light pollution and polishing.

3. The upper cone and lower cone of the drum are press-formed through special moulds, and all the bending with arc-like transition has no dead angles.

4. The polishing accuracy of the internal wall reaches surface roughness of Ra0.2 μ M.

5. Materials at all the welding points undergo cut chamfering and the double-side argon arc welding is adopted. All seams are ground flush. The welding quality conforms with stipulations in JB4708 and JB4709.

6. The inlet of the drum is made by way of tension. The upper cover is punched through the use of special moulds, and the "0" seal ring of silicon rubber is embedded.

7. It is equipped with a stainless steel butterfly valve with a security device. The valve has good sealing effect, is not permeable, can be operated flexibly, and is safe and reliable.

8. It is of sufficient strength, and its wall thickness meets the requirement for the load, without causing any deformation.

Stainless Steel IBC Tank