* High speed vacuum emulsifying mixer homogenizer .might mixing and disperse viscously. Solid and liquid raw material can dissolve material which is hard to dissolve such as AES, AESA LSA during liquid production which can save energy consumption and shorten production the and shorten production period.

* Cream mixer mixing tank main adopts stepless timing device which reduce babble occur under low temperature and highviscosity condition less air bubble will be formed to produce liquid washing  products.

* Finished products can be discharged by Disc-valve or suitable to all liquid wash products.

Composition Of Emulsifying Pot

vacuum mixer mixing tank is professionally designed according to the ointment manufacturing process of cosmetics andointments etc. products through introducing advanced technology from abroad. The cream mixing machine unit is composed of pre-treating boiler, vacuum emulsifying and blending boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic system, dumping system, electric controlsystem and work platform etc. The machine unit is featured by simple operation, stable performance, good homogenizing performance, high production efficiency, convenient cleaning, reasonable structure, small land area and high automatic degree etc.

vacuum mixer mixing tank

① Air filter  ② Sight glass ③CIP spray ball  ④ Fragrance hopper ⑤ Suction hopper           

⑥Sight glass windom     ⑦Vaccum gauge     ⑧ Vaccum valve      (From oil &water pot to main tank)

Emulsifying Pot

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