It is  widely applied in beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries.Our high speed mixing tank can make according to customer's requirement for the structure ,single-layer ,double-layer(jacket) and three-layer(insulation layer) or make limpet coil(inside or external )  to heating and cold.Also we design the different type agitator for the different raw material ,the capacity we can make from 50L to 50000L .

low speed mixing tank are made of stainless steel (SUS304 or SUS316). All joints and inside is mirror finished without any dead angle and cleaned easily. It consists of inner vessel, jacket and insulation with the configurations of agitator, CIP hole, Manhole, sight glass, thermometer etc.


Configuration of tank:

Agitator type

paddle /propeller / anchor / magnetic stirrer / high shear homogenizer mixer


SS304 or SS316

Working Capacity

50L to 50000L, even more large.


1. Single layer type.

2. Double layer type : heating or cooling

3. There layer type: add the insulation layer

Heating or cooling

 (1) Electric heating

 (2) Steam heating

 (3) Hot water or oil circulated 


Dome or conical top or flat


Dome or conical top or flat


 welding and polishing without the dead corner of sanitation


 (1) manhole 

 (2) spraying ball 

 (3)  Lifting lugs on the top ( selectable) 

 (4) Outlet or inlet valve,all other type valve ( selectable ) 

 (5)  Feet: adjustable feet ( selectable )

 (6)  Ladder ( selectable )

 (7) Thermometer , Liquid level meter ( selectable )  

 (8) The pressure gauge ( selectable )


 2mm-8mm even  more thick


 (1) Chemical liquid mixing

 (2) Beverage storage tank, mixing

 (3) Oil storage tank

 (4) Food industry 

 (5) Pharmaceutical industry


1. System adopts one-way or two-way wall scraping agitation and frequency conversion speed regulation, suitable for different working environment

2. It can heat or cool materials according to process requirements, heating mode can choose steam or electric heating according to customer requirements;

3. There are a variety of agitator forms, suitable for the production of different types of products;

4. Material is SUS304 or 316L stainless steel, the tank and pipe are mirror polishing;

5. Optional dispersion head or emulsion head to accelerate the dissolution and emulsification of materials; Set high-speed shear, dispersion, homogenization, mixing, crushing in one. The emulsified tank also has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation and stirring. The tank is designed with material inlet and outlet, which can provide all the conditions of emulsification process

6.Stainless steel electronic control box can fully monitor the operation of the equipment, can display temperature, stirring speed and other data;

NOTE: The capacity of our mixing tank are all customizable. If you have any problems about our products, please feel free to contact us!