The stainless steel mixing tank is a special tank for mixing, mixing, reconciling and homogenizing materials. The mixing tank can be made of stainless steel according to the process requirements of the user's product, and heating and cooling devices are installed to meet different processes and requirements. Production needs, so it is very common in the food additive production industry.

The food additive industry needs the mixing function of the stainless steel mixing tank. The specific performance is as follows: Since the mixing tank integrates mixing, mixing, homogenization, etc. in the container, customers often require stainless steel material with heating and cooling devices!

stainless steel stirring tank in food

In the food additive industry, the use of mixing tanks is very common. The equipment includes a tank body and a tank cover. The tank cover has a feed tube and a window, and the bottom is a projection lamp. There is a material plate and a stirring device in the tank, which includes a stirring shaft, a rotating stirring blade, a reducer and a stirring motor. There is a slag discharge pipe and a discharge pipe at the bottom of the tank, a cooling jacket device on the outside, and a cleaning ball at the equalizing port.

We can clearly see the mixing situation of the materials in the tank through the window and the projection lamp, and discover the problems in the mixing in time. The stirring device in the tank effectively increases the strength of the center of the stirring shaft, reduces the impact of the material on the stirring blade, and improves the mixing efficiency. The cleaning ball and the cooling jacket have a good balance of the temperature in the tank, and the cleaning of the equipment is convenient.