The stainless steel Mixing Tank is suitable for the reaction in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The tank body can be made into a honeycomb jacket, a coil jacket or an integral jacket, which can be heated and cooled. It is also an ideal equipment for various types of liquid filtration, clarification and purification. So, how do we choose the stainless steel mixing tank suitable for our use? Today I'm going to tell you one or two.

How to choose stainless steel mixing tank to use


The stainless steel mixing tank has the characteristics of no leakage, full closure, corrosion resistance and energy saving. Because its non-contact torque transfer replaces the static seal dynamic seal, it solves the leakage problem that other shaft seals cannot overcome. Therefore, the equipment has the following performance and characteristics:

1. The stainless steel mixing tank and the storage tank have the same or different form of head structure, and the form is a single combination of different requirements indicated in the jacket or device structure.

2. The magnetic stirring device is divided into a magnetic stirrer and a suitable capacity and large torque device for magnetic stirring on the magnetic stirrer. Under magnetic stirring, the capacity is smaller than the equipment and the hygiene requirements are high.

3. The structure adopts standard quick chuck, the material is imported 316L or 304, the inner surface is mirror polished Ra≤0.28 micron, and the outer surface is frosted or mirror polished.

4. Materials: Cylinders 304 and 316 liters. Liquid level gauges include flat level gauges, glass level gauges, static pressure sensor level gauges, and ultrasonic level gauges to choose from.

The stainless steel mixing tank can be specially processed, and the stainless steel mixing tank jacket can be divided into coil, full jacket and honeycomb panel according to customer requirements. The insulation can be filled with rock wool, polyurethane foam and pearl cotton according to customer requirements, and the shell can also be polished or matt according to customer requirements.