The liquid liquid can often be used in the mixing device, and the can bottom magnetic force is a stirring apparatus commonly used in the liquid distribution tank, and the magnetic liquid liquid tank is the characteristic of magnetic material isolar, and the polarity of the two ends of the base is pushed. Magnetic stirrer rotates. The magnetic stirrer is mainly designed for GMP transformation for pharmaceutical, biological engineering and food industry, excellent performance, reasonable structure, small size, reliable use. Mainly include inner magnetic steel, outer magnet steel, isolation sleeve and transmission motor and other components. He is also suitable for mixing devices of various stainless steel reactors, mixing tanks.

In production, there will always have some problems for a long time. The problem that the magnetic agitator often encounters is abnormal. How should we solve this situation? What should I do if the magnetic flux tank is faulty?

How to deal with the magnetic fluxing tank

The abnormal hearing of the magnetic agitator generally appears in two parts of the motor, the spindle, and I will introduce the abnormal sound solutions of each part. The motor is abnormal, checking that the motor fan shell is hitting the fan leaves, if yes, please correct or remove it. In addition, the motor has been used for a long time, causing the motor bearing to dry mill, in which case the oil is added to the oil or the dedicated motor maintenance personnel. The spindle abnormal sound is generally due to operation, no liquid is submerged, causing dry mill inside, producing high temperatures, making it damage, at this time, consider the new bushing.