In the process of using the stainless steel mixing tank, in addition to sealing measures to prevent contamination of the stored materials, it is also necessary to prevent local high temperature or carbonization of the materials inside, which requires us to take good insulation measures. Stainless steel mixing tanks generally use some special materials to heat the materials in the tank. The insulation materials that are often used are polyurethane foam materials, polystyrene resin materials and rock wool materials.

Let me explain what steps are needed to do a good job of insulation measures for stainless steel mixing tanks?

1. Carefully clean the dirt and putty on the outer surface of the stainless steel mixing tank, and keep the surface dry.

2. Hang or embed the thermal insulation layer on the fixing parts from top to bottom, and stick to the surface of the mixing tank.

3. Cross-bundle with galvanized iron wire and tighten to make the insulation layer close to the stainless steel mixing tank.

4. Stagger the insulation layer vertically and horizontally.

After the insulation layer of the stainless steel mixing tank is installed, it is recommended to check whether there is water in the tank first, so as not to cause other problems in the subsequent working process of the equipment.

How to do good job in the insulation measures of the stainless steel mixing tank?