Stainless steel storage tanks are tanks made of stainless steel as raw materials. Compared with ordinary roll-molding tanks, stainless steel storage tanks can withstand higher pressure, widely used in many high-pressure situations, and there is a significant feature of stainless steel storage tanks: the cans have excellent performance, completely eliminate the air Invasion of hazardous substances and mosquitoes, ensuring that liquids stored in the cans will not be contaminated outside, and will not breed fragrant. Therefore, most of the stainless steel storage tanks are used to store food, drugs, and extensive for wine industry and dairy industry.

Then, next Wenzhou Ace Machinery Co., Ltd, Xiaobian teaches you how to maintain stainless steel agitation tanks.

stainless steel storage tanks

Need to pay attention to it:

1. Regularly check the safety valves and pressure gauge of stainless steel storage tanks, if the problem is found to be replaced in time.

2, regularly replace the lubricating oil at some of the machine.

3, regularly check the integrity of the tank appearance, internal, pipeline and other places.

4. For the storage tank seal, you need to regularly adjust and add cooling water, can't prevent long-term dry wear, prevent it from reducing service life.

5. Each time the material must be cleaned from the tank, it must be cleaned inside to prevent the mixing of the next material.

6, the storage tank should be placed in the cool and reluctance, avoiding the explosion of the tank under the sun.