Mixing tank is a device used to complete the process of vulcanisation, nitrification, hydrogenation, hydrocarbonisation, polymerisation, condensation, etc. It is used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, dyestuff, food and other industries and has the characteristics of fast heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, hygiene, no environmental pollution, no boiler automatic heating, easy to use, etc. In order to make it work well, the maintenance work in daily life is very important, today I will explain to you, stainless steel mixing tank maintenance precautions.

Stainless steel mixing tank maintenance precautions


1, the device: equipment should be installed in the explosion-proof requirements of the high-pressure operating room, when equipped with multiple devices, should be placed separately, between each two sets should be separated by a safe explosion-proof wall, each operating room should have access and exit to the outdoors, when the presence of explosive media should ensure that the equipment is well ventilated.

2. Check if the equipment is damaged after opening the package, install the equipment according to the structure according to the equipment type, and check all the parts according to the packing list.

3、Installation and sealing of the kettle body and cover: The kettle body and cover should be gasketed or tapered with a line contact with the circular surface. When tightening the nut, it must be symmetrical diagonally and tightened gradually for many times with even force, without allowing the kettle cover to tilt to one side to achieve a good sealing effect.

4、After the mixing tank is installed, pass in the corresponding amount of nitrogen to keep pressure for 30 minutes, check if there is any leakage, if you find any leakage, please use soap foam to find the leakage point of pipeline and orifice, after finding out, release the gas and tighten it, pass in the nitrogen again to keep pressure to test, ensure there is no leakage and then start working normally.

5、Safety device: the use of positive arch type metal rupture disc, the material is stainless steel, the factory has been tested well, shall not be adjusted at will. If it has burst, need to replace, replacement period by the use of the unit according to the actual situation of the unit to determine.

6、After the reaction is finished, cool down, then discharge the gas in the mixing tank to outdoor through the pipeline, make the pressure in the kettle drop to normal pressure, forbid to disassemble with pressure, then loosen the main bolts and nuts symmetrically and unload them, then carefully take off the kettle cover and put it on the bracket, pay attention to protect the sealing surface during the unloading process.