Stainless steel mixing tanks do not only have the function of stirring, some of them also have the function of heating and cooling. In practice, you may not be very clear about these functions, so today we will introduce you to the heating and cooling functions of stainless steel mixing tanks, so that you can learn more about this knowledge.

Stainless steel stirring tank heating and cooling operation skills

Operation skills of heating and cooling of stainless steel mixing tank

Stainless steel stirring tanks are generally used in units depending on whether the material is heated or dried and cooled. In the custom range, the temperature needs to be less than 230°C and the pressure less than 0.1 Mpa. heating can be decided according to the production conditions of the unit used.

There are two types of heating: circulation of hot oil and other media and direct electric heating. Hot oil and other media circulation means that the heat-conducting oil is heated to a certain temperature in a separate heating tank and then circulated through a hot oil pump. Direct heating refers to the direct installation of electric heating tubes in the jacket to heat the thermal oil to the required temperature (the temperature can be adjusted according to the actual situation). The cooling cycle is the circulation of water inside and outside the jacket, so that the material does not easily produce caking or stickiness under a certain temperature.

The above is the practical heating and cooling operation skills of the stainless steel mixing tank in use, you can make reference and learn.