Customized mixing tanks can be more adapted to production conditions. Customized mixing tanks mainly need to consider material characteristics, working temperature, working pressure, operation mode, tank agitator form, power, speed, transmission, sealing, internal structure, one-time processing capacity, Overview of equipment use site, etc. The customized mixing tank is mainly to make the tank body can be used well, and the materials can achieve the appropriate mixing effect.

stainless steel mixing tank

The stainless steel mixing tank needs to determine the effect that the mixing tank needs to achieve, including the processing volume of the material to be mixed, the mixing effect, and the special requirements of the material, such as the specific gravity, viscosity, surface tension, mixing and dispersing rate, solubility, and whether it is toxic and hazardous. And explosive characteristics, etc., and then the basic structure of the tank, the internal and external structure, installation form, heating, cooling mode, working temperature, working pressure, (volume), etc., and then the choice of agitator type, mixing The selection of the agitator directly affects the efficiency of the vertical mixing tank, and the appropriate agitator is selected according to the characteristics of various types of agitators when processing materials and the power used in the actual situation.

Purpose of customizing stainless steel mixing tank

The main purpose of the customized stainless steel mixing tank is to meet the process requirements and quality requirements, and the cost is relatively low. The cost here refers to the processing fee, installation fee, transportation fee, operation fee, and maintenance fee. Wait. Generally speaking, it takes less time and money to maintain the mixing tank with better workmanship and quality, while for the mixing tank with poor quality, although the initial cost is lower, the time and money spent on the later maintenance Will be more.