Stainless steel mixing tank main equipment is made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in food chemistry, fine chemicals and other industries.

Stainless steel Mixing tank structure design principle.

The mixing tank body is usually a vertical cylindrical container, it has a top cover, a cylinder body and a tank bottom, which is installed on the foundation or platform through the support, and the tank body provides a certain space for the mixing process under the specified operating temperature and operating pressure.

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In order to meet different process requirements or because of the structural needs of the mixing tank itself, the stainless steel tank is equipped with various accessories for different purposes. For example, as the material in the reaction process is often accompanied by thermal effects, in order to provide or take out the reaction heat, it is necessary to install a jacket on the outside of the tank or a snake tube in the inner space of the tank; in order to connect with the reducer and shaft seal, the top cover should be welded to the base; in order to facilitate the maintenance of internal parts and feeding and discharging, it is necessary to install welded manholes, hand holes and various receiver; in order to effectively monitor and control the material in the process of operation In order to effectively monitor and control the temperature, pressure and material surface height during operation, thermometers, pressure gauges, liquid level gauges, sight glasses and drainage devices should be installed. Sometimes, in order to change the flow pattern of the material, add stirring strength, strengthen the mass and heat transfer, but also in the tank internal welding baffle and guide tube.

However, with the increase of accessories, it will often bring a lot of trouble to the manufacturing and maintenance of equipment, increasing the cost of manufacturing and maintenance of equipment, so in determining the structure of the mixing tank should be a comprehensive consideration, so that the equipment that meet the requirements of the production process, but also to achieve economic and reasonable, to achieve the appropriate design.

Stainless steel mixing tank is now widely used in food, dairy, chemical and other different production links or fields, through mechanical mixing to make the mixing tank instead of manual mixing, improve the efficiency and effect of mixing, mixing tank structure design is reasonable, durable, and has the characteristics of simple operation, easy to use, etc., is the ideal investment less, fast production, high income equipment.