Wenzhou Ace Machinery Co., Ltd Homogeneous mixing tank it has the function of high-speed dispersion of materials, high-speed dispersion mixing tank due to its high speed can make good mixing effect of materials, high-speed dispersion mixing tank made of high quality stainless steel material, homogeneous mixing tank agitator can be made of paddle agitator, frame agitator, high shear emulsification head, high-speed dispersion plate, etc., mixing tank through Different agitator configuration to achieve different mixing and dispersion effect, high-speed dispersion mixing tank combines strong mixing and high-speed dispersion function in one, applied in the daily chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, beverage and other industries.

The vacuum stirring tank has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation, stirring and metering, and is widely used in the coating, pharmaceutical, building materials, chemical, food and medicine industries. According to the requirements of the production process, the heating, cooling and low-speed mixing system, the closed pressure system, the vacuum system and the metering system can be designed, and according to the different mixing materials and the required mixing effect, the structure of the stirring paddle can be adjusted and designed as turbine, paddle, anchor type, frame type, belt type, magnetic stirring etc. For materials that need to be sterilised, they can be sterilised by steam after or during the stirring process.

Steam heated stirring tank equipment

Mixing tank can be divided into single-layer, double-layer, or even multi-layer mixing tank, here generally divided into single-layer mixing tank, double-layer mixing tank, multi-layer mixing tank, this layer refers to the wall of the mixing tank, many equipment purchasers know these classifications when buying mixing tank, but can not clearly or decisively choose the right product for them, single-layer mixing tank is suitable for mixing, mixing, double-layer mixing tank can be heated, cooling accessories in the jacketed layer, three-layer stainless steel mixing tank has insulation function, double-layer structure on the added layer.

Scope of application.

It is suitable for mixing and stirring of different liquids, creams and creams materials such as: shampoo, bathing liquid and other mucilage intermixing, dissolving, mixing evenly, etc.

Steam heated mixing tank equipment


1. food and beverage: dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, soy milk, fruit juice, jam, etc.

2. Chemical industry: lubricating oil, grease, heavy oil emulsion, diesel emulsion, disinfectant, insecticide, resin slurry, thickener, flavour, etc.

3. Cosmetics industry: detergents, conditioners, shampoos, body lotions, perfumes, etc. 4.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: injections, pharmaceutical emulsions, pharmaceutical creams, health products, pharmaceutical pulp preparations, etc.

5. Paper industry: pulp, adhesive, injection, resin emulsification, etc.

(Production equipment can be configured according to function and production process requirements)

Steam heating stirring tank equipment stainless steel stirring tank heating device or cooling device selection: there are hot water, thermal oil and other media circulation and direct electric heating two heating methods, thermal oil and other media circulation, is the thermal oil in a separate heater heated to a certain temperature, and then transported through the thermal oil pump; direct heating is in the jacket directly installed on the electric heat pipe, the thermal oil heated to the required temperature (according to the actual situation The cooling cycle uses water to circulate inside and outside the jacket so that the material does not become lumpy or sticky at a certain temperature. The liquid mixing tank can also be heated or cooled by adding coils and other forms according to user requirements.

Reactor type material should be 304 or 306L stainless steel; reactor type cylinder body is mostly made of carbon manganese steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloy and other composite materials; the parts in contact with the material are mostly imported 316L stainless steel, the inner wall of the cylinder wall adopts mechanical polishing or electrolytic mirror polishing, the outer cylinder wall insulation adopts 304 all-welded structure, the outer surface is mirrored or paved, the reactor is also equipped with temperature monitoring device, temperature measuring hole, CIP automatic rotating spray ball, fast opening and exporting equipment for manual operation.

Single-layer stirred tank has only one layer on the tank wall, generally suitable for material storage, stirring, mixing and reaction, if the customer orders a stirred tank needs heating or cooling function, then we will recommend multi-layer stainless steel stirred tank upwards, double-layer stainless steel stirred tank refers to a tank with jacket, heating and cooling accessories can be placed on the jacket layer, the jacket layer also has a heat preservation function, stirred tank in double-layer stainless steel stirred tank The middle layer is used for heating and cooling, the outer layer is used for insulation, the three-layer stainless steel mixing tank has a better insulation function.