The stainless steel mixing tank has a reasonable structure and durable design, and is easy to operate and convenient to use, making it an ideal chemical equipment with low investment, fast production and high returns. Stirring tank is widely used in the coating, pharmaceutical, building materials, chemical, pigment, resin, food, scientific research and other industries.

So, how is a qualified stainless steel mixing tank actually produced? Today Ace takes you through the process.

The production process of stainless steel mixing tank

We will first ask the customer the situation of the material and the output of the process and the customer's production requirements to determine, most of the mixing tank is made of stainless steel, stainless steel with corrosion resistance, acid resistance and other characteristics become the choice of most manufacturers of tank equipment, the general production of stainless steel mixing tank is mostly 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel.

The process of making stainless steel mixing tanks

The next step is to draw the size of the drawing for the material, marking with a marker, and then after cutting, grinding, rolling plate and other processes to complete, after the material scribing and then the mixing tank group installation and welding, welding also need to open the tank body, according to customer demand on the tank to open the vacuum port, spare port, inlet and outlet and other pipe ports. After welding, the stainless steel tank is polished to give it a mirror-like finish. The heat transfer form of the jacket or coil of the mixing tank equipment needs to be varied by paying attention to the working pressure, design pressure, working temperature, design temperature, etc.

After the tank is formed, Ace quality inspection personnel check and debug the inside and outside of the stainless steel mixing tank, test the qualified equipment, rinse clean with water, clean the surface of dust, impurities. Finally, the stainless steel mixing tank will be packed with cotton cloth, and it will be ready for factory transportation.

The quality of the stainless steel mixing tank can be seen from the raw materials used and the meticulousness of the production process. ace stainless steel mixing tanks are designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of the customer, so that the equipment produced can be more closely matched to the customer's production needs.