Electric heating mixtles are common mechanical equipment in modern chemical industries, widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint, scientific research and other fields. I don't know if you have encountered such a phenomenon during use, and the electric heating mix can have a poor heat transfer effect. What is the cause of what? Below, you will learn about it.

The heat transfer effect of the electric heating mixing can is not good, and there may be the following types.

 electric heating mix tank

1. The contact hole is incorrectly or jacketed, and the dredge in the jacket is connected according to the correct manner.

2, the instrumentation in the mixer can display inaccurate or not, if the instrument is damaged, replace the instrument; if the connection is wrong, re-check the installation.

3, the valve of the can leak water may be due to the damage or valve damage, replace the new gasket or replace the new valve due to the damage or valve damage.

4, the heat preservation layer of the heating tank is localized, which may be repaired due to the damage of the jacket. The insulation layer of the canister is seepage and jacket, which may be insulation, jacket, can leakage, need to find leakage as soon as possible to repair.

5, cannon leaks may be damaged by tank, need to be repaired. The pot of the stainless steel can rust, the cause is that the external environment is not suitable or surface scratches, requiring stripping, and preserved for suitable conditions, for surface scratches, rescood and local passivation.

The above is a common troubleshooting of electric heating mixtles. It can be investigated and overhaul itself when you encounter the above case. If you can't investigate the specific reason for the failure, you can contact the manufacturer to repair, I hope that the above content can help everyone. .