50 gallon mixing tank with scraper and bottom emulsification

Our 50 gallon mixing tank with scraper and bottom emulsification: an exceptionally powerful and flexible piece of equipment designed to revolutionize your mixing and emulsification processes.


Product Description


The tank’s scraper attachment stands out among other features as an innovative method to efficiently scrape walls and bottom of the tank to eliminate any residual material, guaranteeing complete and uniform mixing.

Our tank comes equipped with an advanced control system, enabling accurate control over mixing speeds and temperatures – this way, you can achieve your desired consistency and quality quickly with minimal effort!

By adding an emulsifying agitator at the bottom of the tank, an emulsification process ensures that even denser ingredients are fully mixed into the mixture – essential when making stable emulsions such as creams, lotions or sauces.


The 50 gallon mixing tank with scraper and bottom emulsification finds applications across several industries, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food processing. Ideal for mixing liquids, suspensions, emulsions or dispersions efficiently – it has everything needed for successful mixing solutions!

Heating Method

Our tank offers flexible heating options to meet the unique requirements of each application and user. You have the freedom to select from either electric or steam heating based on personal preference or application specifications; both methods offer efficient heating that ensures material reaches the required temperature quickly and consistently.

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