100 gallon jacketed mixing tank

The 100 gallon jacketed mixing tank features a highly efficient mixing system that can quickly and evenly combine different materials through powerful stirring paddles rotating at high speeds. Their design takes into account fluid’s kinetic characteristics for full circulation of materials in the tank as well as full mixing effects. Furthermore, their stirring speed can be adjusted according to material properties or needs for optimal mixing performance for optimal mixing results.


Product Description

Material and Structure

This mixing tank is meticulously constructed from high-quality 304 stainless steel to ensure the equipment’s corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability. Its robust structural design can withstand the challenges of various mixing processes, providing stable and reliable support for your production process.

Working Capacity

With an effective working capacity of 100 gallons, the mixing tank is able to meet the needs of most small to medium scale production.

Jacket Design and Features

The agitator tank is equipped with a 15 psi corrugated jacket for heating or cooling operations to ensure that the material is mixed at the optimum temperature. The jacket is covered with an insulated stainless steel cladding to minimize heat loss and increase energy efficiency. It should be noted that the jacket itself does not include a heating or cooling source, so ask your sales representative about options for your needs.

Internal Pressure and Safety

The mixing tank is designed to be pressureless internally to ensure safe operation.

Outlet and Port Design

The bottom of the unit features a 1.5″ triple clamp outlet with a sanitary butterfly valve for easy material discharge and control. Two 1.5″ triple clamp ports on the top of the unit allow for a variety of connections and operations.

Lid and Locking Mechanism

A spring-loaded, hinged lid with locking mechanism ensures stability and safety when held in the vertical position.

Internal Surface Finish

The interior of the tank is electropolished to a sanitary finish of 0.8µm (RA32 uin, #4 food grade finish), making it easy to clean and complying with sanitary standards for food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Power and Speed Control

The mixing tank is equipped with a 2 HP stainless steel motor and a 5:1 reduction gearbox to provide a strong and consistent power output.

Mixing Paddle Design

The mixing tank is equipped with two 10″ OD propelled mixing paddles for mixing materials with viscosities below 20,000 cp, ensuring uniform and efficient mixing.

All in all, this 100 gallon 304 stainless steel jacketed mixing tank is an ideal choice for many industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, etc. with its high quality materials, efficient mixing performance, safe and convenient operation experience, and excellent hygiene standards. Whether for R&D experiments or large-scale production, it can provide you with stable and reliable support to help you realize an efficient and high-quality production process.

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