15 gallon 50 liter mixing tank

Our 15 gallon (approx. 50 liter) mixing tank, a well-designed and versatile piece of industrial grade mixing equipment for a wide range of liquid mixing and processing applications.


Product Description

The equipment is made of food grade 304 stainless steel. It is equipped with a clamp valve for unloading. Legs with levelers are included.


  1. Included is a CIP port with spray ball for tank cleaning with clamp plug
  2. A recirculation process port is included and an additional port on the lid. Connections with respective clamp plugs.
  3. Temperature sensitive products where the maximum transfer temperature must have a precise limit since this heat transfer medium acts by heating first the conductive oil by means of a resistance, in our equipment you can control the temperature of this oil can reach and thus control what will be the transfer temperature to your product.
  4. For the agitation, an anchor type agitation system with scrapers and fixed speed is
  5. It includes a two-leaf cover for a quick review of the process. Ideal for mixing processes where it is required to keep the product in suspension, the agitation is slow but with large contact area, ideal for viscous products.

Ideal for cosmetic products that require melting waxes and keeping in agitation, making jams, cooking meat products on a large scale, sauces, etc.


Every customer’s needs vary, and this mixing tank can be customized to meet them. From increasing its capacity or altering heating methods to optimizing mixing performance, we can offer professional solutions tailored specifically to you and meet

If you’re curious about our 15 gallon 50 liter mixing tank or have any inquiries about its features, feel free to reach out. Our professional team would be more than happy to provide in-depth consultation and top quality service – simply use any of the following ways and let’s discuss your needs together so we can tailor a solution that’s perfectly suited to you!

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