industrial mixing tank

Our industrial mixing tanks are highly effective pieces of mixing equipment designed for industrial production and widely utilized across a range of industries such as chemical processing, pharmaceutical production and food processing. No matter if it is liquids or food that need mixing; our industrial mixing tanks have you covered!


Product Description


Our industrial mixing tanks are constructed from 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion and temperature resistance. In addition, advanced welding techniques ensure strong construction that reduces leakage potential; and special material customization services are offered as per customer demand to meet industry-specific requirements.


Industrial mixing tanks are widely used for mixing, stirring, dissolving, reacting and other processes of various liquid, solid and semi-solid materials. Whether it is the mixing of chemical raw materials, the stirring of food additives, or the preparation of coatings and paints, it can easily cope with the process and realize efficient and uniform mixing effect.


  1. High-efficiency mixing: the industrial mixing tank is equipped with a powerful stirrer, which can produce strong shear force and vortex, so that the materials in the tank quickly achieve uniform mixing.
  2. Temperature control: the equipment is equipped with advanced temperature control system, which can accurately control the temperature inside the mixing tank according to the process requirements to ensure the stability of the mixing process.
  3. Good sealing: The mixing tank adopts high sealing design, effectively preventing material leakage and external pollution, ensuring the safety and hygiene of the mixing process.
  4. Convenient operation: the operation interface of the mixing tank is simple and clear, easy to operate and maintain, reducing the labor intensity of the operator.

Heating Methods

Industrial mixing tanks offer a variety of heating methods to meet different process requirements. Common heating methods include electric heating, steam heating and thermal oil heating. Users can choose the appropriate heating method according to the actual production needs to ensure the efficiency and stability of the mixing process.

We have the following types of industrial mixing tanks

Open-Top vs. Closed-Top Tanks

Open-top tanks are ideal for mixing materials that need to be frequently added or removed.

They allow easy access to the tank’s contents.

Closed-top tanks, on the other hand, are perfect for mixing volatile or hazardous materials.

They prevent the escape of vapors and provide a safer working environment.

Cone-Bottom Mixing Tanks

Cone-bottom tanks are another type of industrial mixing tank.

They are designed with a conical bottom to facilitate the removal of the mixed product.

This design helps to prevent the settling of solids at the bottom of the tank.

It also makes cleaning and maintenance easier.


As we understand that each customer’s production needs differ from one another, we provide comprehensive customization services. From changing the capacity, shape and material of our mixing tanks to selecting an agitator type and speed that fits their specific requirements – our professional team works closely with them to develop customized mixing tank solutions tailored exactly to their needs.



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